And now we welcome the new year. Full of things that have never been

This past year was filled with so much growth, adventure, laughter, and celebrating! As always, it went by way too fast. In many ways 2017 was a tough year- for all of us. But you know what? That's when we can dive into some shadows and hidden places within ourselves and grow- to work though it and really shine- and we sure as hell all did shine. Chuck and I had the gift of being welcomed into other peoples lives, even if it was only for a few hours at a time- to document their love, their beauty, happiness, and their hearts. Themselves. Yourself. THANK YOU for that. 

A few of our big moments this year:

  • We celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary (time goes waaaaaay too fast!)
  • We drove through the mountains and desert, swam both in the ocean and under local waterfalls, laid in the sun, and stayed in a 1962 camper on vacation in the middle of nowhere.
  • We watched a full solar eclipse- from a blanket in our backyard. Our entire neighborhood let out a huge cry in unison at the totality- it was not planned, and was so beautifully unexpected.
  • We experimented, studied, and learned a LOT about our craft, and ourselves.
  • We rebranded!!! This was a HUGE change, and so exciting!!
  • We adopted a new kitten! (His name is Lucifer. Chuck named him. He is a little devil, but also pretty darn cute.)
  • We met a TON of amazing people!! From fellow vendors we finally got to meet and work with (and not just stalk on instagram...come on, you know you do it too), wedding clients from around the world (so many people are coming to Nashville to get married now!), and more than anything- clients who allowed us into their lives and to document beautiful moments within them.

We put together some of our favorite images from 2017. You beautiful people made it pretty hard to narrow down!

We are crazy thankful for the love and support shown to us this past year. And now this is when we'd give you a hug and a high five or fist bump. So imagine that happened, and now lets go kick some ass in 2018!!






title quote by Rainer Maria Rilke