Vendor Spotlight: Katie-Laine Thornton, Makeup and Hair

Katie-Laine Thornton is an AMAZING makeup and hair artist here in Nashville. We so so adore working with her every chance we get. She is so professional, knowledgeable, talented, and on top of that, a genuinely warm and kind person. 

We are kicking off a vendor spotlight to give you all the best tips and information from some of our favorite local vendors- particularly those in the wedding industry! So, to get things started- let's hear directly from Katie-Laine herself:

Tell us a bit about yourself!
I'm a makeup artist specializing in weddings, photoshoots, and lessons/classes.

What lead you to start doing what you do, and how long have you been doing it?
I have always loved the ritual of makeup, combined with the transformative power of it. I learned to do makeup growing up as a performer. Then, I fell in love with it and over time, it morphed into a career. I've been a professional makeup artist now for over 15 years!

What gets you excited in regards to your business/craft?
I love emphasizing someone's unique beauty and helping people feel confident and empowered!  I also love creating living art!  Perhaps weirdly, I also love inspiring people to feel more confident without makeup on and to really view makeup as an enhancement or an art form and not a necessity or a mask to hide behind.

Do you have a specific area or style you specialize in?
I would say that I specialize in clean + polished beauty makeup.  I also have a personal passion for non-toxic and eco friendly products so I have a bit of an expertise in that as well.

What should brides (and grooms) be thinking about when looking for a makeup and hair artist? 
When looking for a makeup artist, you want someone that understands skin, products, and face shapes/eye shapes.  You also want someone who understands light, basic photography and editing.  One of the first questions I ask my brides is who their photographer is.  I always look at the photographer's work to get a sense of their editing style and their preference for light.  This informs that makeup that I do so that the photos look amazing and turn out the way everyone (bride, photographer, makeup artist) want them to look.  In my opinion, you should not hire a makeup artist who does not understand this.  Also, a makeup artist should have liability insurance, be fully versed in sanitation procedures, and present you with a contract.

What is your biggest piece of advice for brides/grooms in regards to your services?
When communicating with your makeup artist/hair stylist, it is great to have a few ideas of what you like and then give the artist some creative freedom.  This is when you get the best results!

Is there something that most brides/grooms often don't think about (or only do after their wedding has come and gone and have that "ah man!" moment) that you can educate them on now?
Your makeup/hair team really set the tone for your day.  They are one of the first vendors you will see on your wedding day.  Make sure they have good energy and will bring a cool, calm, and collected presence.

Here are a few of our favorite shots from sessions we have worked on together!


Check out more of Katie-Laine's work on her website, facebook, and instagram! You can email her directly at