Wedding Trends to Spark Your Inspiration

Chuck and I got married a little over 13 years ago now- and let me tell you- trends in the wedding industry have changed so much in that amount of time, and very much so for the better! It’s an exciting time to be getting married! We started our business about seven years ago and have had the pleasure of working with amazing couples photographing their weddings for the past five years! It’s been so fun to watch the evolution of wedding trends over the years, and we adore where it is now. 


We are seeing more and more couples designing their weddings to be truly unique to who they are- their style, their story as a couple, and what is most meaningful to themselves. It’s no longer about what you “should” do, but what you WANT to do. Start with the big picture of how you both envision your day, then from there you can find the right details to fit that vision- and awesome vendors that can help you bring it to life. 


Once you've got that big picture in mind, get things rolling with the first item your guests will see- save the dates and invitations! I love how individualistic paper goods and calligraphy have become. We are enjoying all the unique graphics that can be created to begin telling your story and help it to unfold. (Quite literally, as there are really amazing invites that unfold in the coolest ways!) You can incorporate your wedding colors, your flower choices, and of course any theme you may have going. Even visual aspects such as clean and modern lines, or ornate lace patterns. It all sets the tone for what your guests can expect.

Paper goods by Fanciful Ink

Wedding gowns!! We are seeing lots of sheer fabrics, lace details, clean lines, and stunning backs!! We’ve also loved some of the more modern gowns that are very fluid and drape your body like pure silk. And jumpsuits!! Have you guys seen the new trend of bridal jumpsuits? They are so unique and I love them! They are also a great option for your reception wear. 

Gowns from Modern Trousseau Nashville, Posh Bridal, and Geny's Flower and Bridal.

With makeup, we are seeing a more natural, but still polished, look. We love this because it really lets your own beauty shine through, as well as keeps you from looking dated when you go back after 10 or 20 years and look at your photos! A professional makeup artist is essential as they know how to make you look effortlessly lovely, and how to do your makeup so that it photographs beautifully. A more natural and slightly wild/messy look for your hair, when done well, complements this look wonderfully. 

Makeup and Hair by Katie-Laine Thornton

Wild and free floral arrangements are the name of the game right now. We love the beautiful free form shapes, and deep and luscious pops of color. It’s very artistic and unique. Pair your centerpieces with some velvet linens, and you’ve got a gorgeous romantic look. 

Flowers by Stella Rose Floral

And let’s not forget about cake! We adore how bakers are taking your visions and turning them into delicious works of art. We are seeing watercolor cakes, cakes inspired by geodes, marbled elements, metallics, and cakes with the most beautiful sugar flowers that complement your wedding florals. And they don’t only look beautiful- they have amazing customized flavors. So go get your cake testing on!

Cakes by Oh Crumbs Bakery

Putting in all this work to bring your vision to life- you need it documented. After all- it’s the one thing you’ll have left to remember it by- preserving your memories for the rest of your life. So- let’s talk about photography!


There are two main “looks” in the photography world right now. Bright and airy, and dark and moody. One has lots of bright light, and more pastel toned colors. The other has more moody and artistic lighting, with deep luscious colors, and romantic black and whites. Our work tends to air on the dark and moody scale- without being so trendy that it will one day look dated. This is a good place to start when deciding what sort of visual aspect you want for your photos. 

Even though you’re in the thick of planning now- it’s all going to go by so fast. Take some time to breathe, love, and laugh with your partner. Our biggest piece of advice, and the best trend of all, is to be you. Be yourself. And don't be afraid to get a little wilde.