Sultry In-Home Couples' Boudoir Session

We absolutely love it when we get to work with our wedding clients multiple times leading up to (and often after) their wedding! That’s been the case with these two ridiculously pretty people. It’s such an awesome experience to get to know each other so well before the wedding.  It’s pretty great when your wedding clients trust you enough to capture a sexy booty squeeze and letting you stand over them while they lay on a bed as you try your best not to fall on them while you all are laughing and doing your best to be sultry. I swear to god I’ve only ever fallen on a couple once- ha! We seriously love these two and can’t wait for the wedding day!

Amanda and Mike graciously have allowed us to share their full gallery- so if you are considering booking a couple’s boudoir session together, or simply a fun in home couples session, then this might give you an idea of what to expect! You can view that by clicking here.

Amanda’s makeup and hair was done by Katie-Laine Thornton.

Amy Rouyer