Bridal Portraits in East Nashville with Bonnie Valentine

The beautiful person has been one of our favorite people to have in front of our cameras since we first started out shooting back around 2011ish. Bonnie is such an amazing person, a total babe, and since we have worked together for so long, it’s just second nature when we are shooting. Because of that, I’m able to just be my weird self and experiment and have full creative rein- which makes me super happy.

My good friend Katie-Laine Thornton, who is a bomb makeup and hair artist, and I wanted to collaborate on something just for fun, so we reached out to Bonnie to model for us. We hadn’t worked together in a while and I was super happy to just play and have a good time making some styled bridal portraits. We ran around the 5 points area in East Nashville and took advantage of some pretty wall murals, played with some double exposures, and then finished up with some veggie hot dogs from I Dream of Weenie. Such a fun day!

Amy Rouyer