Moody Springtime Inspired Boudoir Session

Springtime is one of my favorite times of year. Everything starts blooming and coming back to life, and as someone who does not do well during cold dark months, I feel like I do as well! So when my good friend and go to makeup and hair artist Katie-Laine Thornton, and her assistant and beautiful friend Cat, planned a just for fun boudoir session at our new downtown Nashville studio space, I was so ready to incorporate some springtime blooms into the mix, while still keeping things moody, cause that’s my jam!

I just love the look Katie-Laine created for Cat, and I adore Cat’s fierce and confidant gaze and the way she owns her body. Talk about a BABE!!!

All women deserve to feel and see just how sexy and beautiful they are, and that of course includes YOU!! Click here to holla at ya girl and lets chat about setting up your own boudoir session!