Mel's Summertime Outdoor Boudoir Session

I’ve had the pleasure to work with this bombshell many times over the years now, and each time I have so much fun. Mel brings so much creativity to her sessions, and some serious HOTNESS. Perfect for an outdoor summertime boudoir session in this Nashville heat!! I just love outdoor boudoir- and combine some dappled high noon light, an outdoor tub, freckles, and crazy beautiful fiery red hair- I mean come on ya’ll.

Wanna do an outdoor boudoir session before the summer is over? LETS DO IT. Don’t worry- a little sweat just mean’s you’ll glisten ;) Fill out that contact form and shoot it on over!

(Pssst- wanna know why I really looooove boudoir sessions and why I encourage everyone to do one? Click here to read a blog I wrote all about that!)

Mel’s hair was done by AmyRose Blackstocking of Hocus Pocus Beauty Boutique and her makeup was done by Crystal Brown of Nashville Glamour.