About us

You are beautifully brave and bold in your uniqueness. We are passionate about creating photos that capture that.

We are Amy and Chuck, and we photograph weddings, events, and boudoir sessions in Nashville and all throughout Middle Tennessee, and are also always down to travel. We started our company together (previously under the name of And How! Imaging) in 2012. 

We live in Gallatin, TN with our dachshund pup, Shorty, and our cats, Apple and Lu. (Amy is a bit obsessed with them, so if you follow us on instagram you'll be sure to see lots of their faces on our story. Chuck will be off camera making jokes about it being the millionth photo of them in a day.)  

A little bit about us:

  • We actually met when we were six, were friends all through high school, then got married right after we graduated in 2005! Crazy, right? We were so young- but we are still each others best friends and it's been one wild ride! .

  • We love a good adventure. Whether it's getting in the car with your only goal being to set your eyes on somewhere you've never seen before, hiking to go swimming under a waterfall, or jumping at the chance to meet our favorite musicians. If it gets our hearts going, a smile on our face, and wander in our eyes- then our souls are happy.

  • Cuddling on the couch together with our fur babes at night is a must in our home. If Always Sunny if Philadelphia is on, and we've got take out from our favorite Thai place, then the night is really complete.

Now we want to know about YOU! Let's get together for coffee or a drink and you can tell us your story, it deserves to be told.