Ashley's Downtown Nashville Maternity Session

I can NOT say enough good things about Ashley! You know as soon as you meet her that she is a genuinely nice, authentic, and kind person. And I just love her smile!!

This foxy mama’s maternity session started off with her having her hair and makeup done at our studio (by the talented Katie-Laine Thornton, who we share our space with!) Afterwards, we took a few photos in the studio with the GORGEOUS wall that Stella Rose Floral painted for us (who we are also lucky enough to call a studio mate), then we took a stroll around the block and took advantage of all the pretty areas and wall murals we have so close to us! And don’t get me wrong, I LOVE being out in nature and photographing people in it, but I also was totally into how unique it was to do Ashley’s maternity session in the city instead!! Such a fun way to keep things interesting! And if you aren’t an outdoorsy person, then forcing yourself into doing photos out in a field just isn’t true to you. And your photos should be about YOU.

Fun fact- Ashley’s session, which was a mini-session, all took place in less than 20 minutes! So, if you’ve been holding off on getting photos done because you think you don’t have time…think again! And if you want your hair and makeup done too, we can make that happen right before your session, which would put you at about 1.5 hours total for a makeup and hair appointment AND a photoshoot! Take some time for yourself and your family. Photos are important. Time slips by so fast- you can make a little time in your schedule to document the today that is happening right now.

So basically what I’m telling you is that we can make things super easy for you! Show up to the studio, get yourselves feeling all pretty with some hair and makeup, take a little stroll around the block with me, and then BAM. In less than two weeks you’ve got new photos showing up in your inbox! Easy peasy. Let’s make this happen! Email me for mini-session rates and available dates!

Also! Ashley is an incredible wedding and event planner and designer. If you are planning a wedding, or an event, then be sure to check out her work and give her a shout!! You can find her work “here” and “here”.